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2nd Annual Bowling for Birthdays

March 21, 2004

Lincoln Square Lanes

Thank you all for joining us for the 2nd Annual Bowling for Birthdays. I'm sure I can speak for Mandie and Diannalee when I say we really appreciated so many people coming out. If any of you have any other pictures from that evening, e-mail them to me at and I'll add them to this page.


Duane & Kamilah

Jessica is actually bowling!

Here is another picture of Jessica bowling, because it is so amazing!

Chris, Wayne, Tom, Scott, & Jessica

Mandie's Lane

Diannalee's Lane

Chrissy bowling

Tom, Scott, Jessica, & Chris

Jo & Chris

Chris bowling

Michelle, Chrissy, Jessica, and Johanna

Johanna bowling



Johanna, Kamilah, Duane, Brenda, & Patrick

Lane 4 Score Sheet

Lane 5 Score Sheet

Lane 6 Score Sheet

Lane 8 Score Sheet