A. Odessa top ($36) and Dmitra skirt ($39) from Stage Accents

Odessa wrap-style top is washable. Dmitra skirt is a-line, half-elastic waist, washable.

B. Chason dress ($69) from Southeastern

C. Geneva dress (long sleeve $55, short sleeve $49) from Stage Accents

D. Amadeus jacket ($36) from Stage Accents

Can be worn with any plain sheath such as the Georgette dress.

E. Georgette shrug ($22) from Stage Accents

F. Maggy London Gingham Ball Skirt & Sweater ($169-179) from Nordstrom.com

This one is obviously out of our price range, but it is great inspiration! Everyone seemed to like this style, but we are still in the process of finding out whether or not Nordstrom is interested in partnering with us.

G. Lenore top ($36) and Classic skirt ($27) from Southeastern

Many people have specifically mentioned 3/4 length sleeves. This ensemble caught my eye right away. The only problem is that this top is only offered in white.

H. Skyler top ($36.50) and Clarion skirt ($48.50) from Simco

In the catalog, this skirt was shown in black, ivory, and red, but it is also available in burgandy, gold, purple/green, red/purple, royal blue, and silver. We liked the black top/red skirt and black top/black skirt combinations.

I. Arabesque dress ($89) from Stage Accents

J. Paradise dress ($74) from Stage Accents

K. Royalton dress ($62) and jacket ($49) from Stage Accents

Purchased together: $105.

L. Sanibel dress ($59) from Stage Accents

M. Amelie dress ($58) from Stage Accents

N. Canto top ($36) from Southeastern

This top pairs with the Classic skirt. Top comes in marine blue, bordeaux, black, or white.

O. Holly dress ($57.50) from Tuxedo Wholesaler

P. Adrianna Papell Apron Pants ($79) from Nordstrom.com

These specific pants are being discontinued by Nordstrom, but there are many similar options from the formalwear companies listed below. Thanks for the idea, Jill!

Q. Riviera dress ($89) from Stage Accents

R. Noelle dress ($74.50) from Simco

Scoop neck and pointy sleeves that come down over the hand. Hand wash or dress clean. 100% poly/crepe. Black, burgandy, green, navy, or white.

S. Valentina dress ($54.50 - $74.50) from Tuxedo Wholesaler

Price is based on type of fabric. All options are machine washable.

T. Vista top ($29) from Stage Accents

U. Dress Style 185 ($89) from Rivar's

Polyester dress with chiffon sleeves. Bodice lined with black taffeta.

V. Bolero jacket style 4401JT ($28) and Crepe back satin sleeveless gown style 6730CS ($59) from Formal Fashions

W. Ballad top ($49) and Classic Skirt ($27) from Southeastern

Top comes in 4 colors with a bit of sparkle. Can be paired with several different skirts. Again, the sleeves are short, but it is at least an option.

X. Brielle dress ($92) from Stage Accents

Y. Jana dress ($79.50) from Simco

You can't get any more simple than this, yet it is still universally flattering and classy.

Z. Gavotta dress ($64) from Southeastern

Top is velvet and bottom is satinique. Each part is available in four colors that can be put together in any combination. Machine washable.

AA. Cavatina dress ($70) from Southeastern

Another empire waist, combined with some sparkle.

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