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Robbie's Wishlist updated 12-1-03

Robbie has specifically asked for cash, I think to help pay his many upcoming snowboarding trips. However, I was able to get him to give me a list of other items he might like. You'll find these items below.


If you'd like a printable list, highlight the text below and go to the File menu. In the Print Range box, hit the button next to Selection. Then hit Print.


♥ - indicates item that Robbie specified

♫ - indicates a good idea from Johanna


♫ - recommended by Darrell Back






♥    Carcassonne: The Expansion cover♥ Robbie requested this but it seems it might be out of print. You might try a gaming store. You would ask for "Carcassone: The Expansion."


♥ - Robbie specifically requested a space heater for his garage so that he can ride his bike in there in the winter.

Apparel & Shoes

"Family" joggers jacket from Facedown Records


Available at





Gift Certificates from any of the following:

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