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The Magnolia/Lakeside/Agatite Small Group

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Over the summer, we will be taking a break from doing an actual book study. Instead, here are some questions that we will try to answer together, taken from the last chapter of Foster.

-- What experiences of prayer and meditation have you had this week?

-- What temptations did you face this week?

-- What movements of the Holy Spirit did you experience this week?

-- What opportunities to serve others have you had this week?

-- In what ways have you encountered Christ in your study of the Bible this week?



PART I        Moving Inward: Seeking The Transformation We Need

Chapter 1    Simple Prayer (discussed October 3, 2001)

Chapter 2    Prayer of the Forsaken (discussed October 10, 2001)

Chapter 3    The Prayer of Examen (discussed October 17, 2001)

Chapter 4    The Prayer of Tears (discussed October 24, 2001)

Chapter 5    The Prayer of Relinquishment (discussed November 7, 2001)

Chapter 6    Formation Prayer (discussed November 14, 2001)

Chapter 7    Covenant Prayer (discussed November 28, 2001)

PART II        Moving Upward: Seeking The Intimacy We Need

Chapter 8    The Prayer of Adoration (discussed December 5, 2001)

Chapter 9   The Prayer of Rest (discussed December 13, 2001)                 

Chapter 10   Sacramental Prayer (discussed January 9, 2002)                 

Chapter 11   Unceasing Prayer (discussed January 16, 2002)

Chapter 12   The Prayer of the Heart (discussed January 23, 2002)

Chapter 13   Meditative Prayer (discussed January 30, 2002)

Chapter 14   Contemplative Prayer (discussed February 6, 2002)

PART III       Moving Outward: Seeking The Ministry We Need

Chapter 15   Praying the Ordinary (discussed February 20, 2002)

Chapter 16   Petitionary Prayer (discussed February 27, 2002)

Chapter 17   Intercessory Prayer (discussed March 6, 2002)

Chapter 18   Healing Prayer

Chapter 19   The Prayer of Suffering

Chapter 20   Authoritative Prayer

Chapter 21   Radical Prayer


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