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The Magnolia/Lakeside/Agatite Small Group

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1. See her life as part of God's life.

2. Pray as a group about where Amber can get involved in the community.

3. Deepen prayer and spiritual growth.

4. Have "attitudinal" accountability: worry, fear, anger, upset.


1. Learn to pray more effectively; but first, to believe in the power of prayer.

2. Become more aware of God's love, relax in it, and desire to share it.

3. Become less self-centered and become more other-centered, seeing others as God sees them.

4. Seek God's face and not just His gifts.

5. Make more sense of what it means to be a Christian.

6. Determine what it means to be a Christian teacher.


1. Live according to Matthew 22:37-39, taking Papa as an inspiration.

2. Go through life intentionally.

3. Find quiet and peace from the chaos of circumstances through resting in God's strength.

4. Be in constant conversation with God.

5. Determine concrete ways God wants to refine certain areas of personality and habit.


1. Keep a daily prayer journal, being more mindful of answers and lessons.

2. Have a disciplined life, with God as top priority.

3. Be honest about sin.

4. Seek unity with Brent.

5. Root out selfishness and determine how to prioritize school, church, family, and other commitments.

6. Pray more!